Cinco de Mayo Candy Buffet

Apparently, Cinco de Mayo is barely acknowledged in Mexico (it’s more of a Mexican-American holiday, I guess), but I don’t mind using it as an excuse to have fun! I had plans to make some fun Cinco de Mayo-inspired crafts and maybe even set up a festive table for my little family in celebration of today, but all I managed to do was buy these goodies and take pictures of them!

In my world, it takes at least a week to come up with an idea, then another week to get the supplies, a third week to actually do the thing I had the idea for, and then in the fourth week, I’m able to take photos (and if I hustle, upload the photos to my computer, and maybe even find time to write a post about it.) When you tally all that up, it’s amazing that I ever get any original content posted to a blog!

As a parent, though, even less-than-perfect is a win, so just making juice cocktails for my sons (1/2 glass of juice topped off with some of that TopoChico mineral water), or slow-cooking carnitas in the crock pot is worth some points! Since everyone else on the internet is having a candy buffet for their parties, I thought I’d stage a preschool-sized candy buffet, so I picked up some fun Mexican candy like:

These de la Rosas are nostalgic for me – they were a must-buy candy when we went to Mexico! Yum, peanut butter marzipan goodness!

And, no stroll down Mexican candy memory lane would be complete without chiclets! My preschool sons are going to LOVE being introduced to these!

And here’s a new one: Pollo Asado suckers. I have no idea what they taste like but they’re shaped like little cooked chickens, which cracks me up.

Sangria soda is a must at any party.

What are you doing to celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

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