Craft Fair Tips Roundup

It’s time for summer craft fairs, everyone! Here are some tips for planning your craft fair experience: things to think about before you go, tips that will make your booth better and more effective, how to market to people who shop at your booth, and ways to make your craft fair-ing more pleasant.

Craft Show Resources:

Other Random Love:

2 Responses

  1. Margo - Teacher Teacher Says:

    This looks like a helpful list. And on the shelf above your fun lil’ Dad banner, I couldn’t help but notice Patrick McManus – I love those books! “Cabin Fever” and “Trailer Trials” are 2 of my favorites. I hope I am remembering right that he wrote both of those….

  2. Croq Says:

    @Margo, yep, Patrick McManus is some great dad Lit! :)