Small Steps Toward Home Decor

I am so bad at making my house a home. While I’m good at doing homey activities (like baking cookies and making homemade playdough for my kiddos), I am terrible at keeping order and decorating, and generally making the place feel cozy. I have a huge mental block when it comes to decorating.

So, I am very proud of myself for finally doing a little accessorizing in our new house (we moved in four months ago). First, I repainted this old bookshelf. It was built in by the original owner of our house, and then torn out when our landlords remodeled. It was stuck in the garage, but there’s this random little nook next to the fireplace that just looked odd without a shelf, so I repainted the old shelf (with this dark brown paint I had left over from another project). The shelf has been sitting on the porch for more than a week, being a general eyesore, so I finally dragged it in, put it back in its original corner, and moved all the DVDs onto it (I wanted to hide them in this dark corner).

I also added a couple random decorative knick-knacks that I made for Dollar Store Crafts. Honestly, they aren’t really my taste, but I don’t know if I actually have taste. I don’t have any other decorative items, so these will do! Anything intentional is better than nothing! I keep getting a happy thrill every time I see this put-together bookshelf, so I know that accessorizing must be a step in the right direction.

Here’s another little corner that is much improved. I put half a cheapo bookshelf (the bottom half broke, and I just kept the top – so Klassy!) near our front door so we’d have a place to keep shoes orderly (instead of in a nasty pile in the entryway). I hung up these two pictures my sister handed down to me in her last purge. Who cares what the pictures are of, like I said, ANYTHING is better than nothing. And, more dollar store knick-knacks (these are probably just temporary, though… don’t love them there like that).

Over at DSC, I wrote about my makeover of these midcentury mod chairs. Such a fun project! I stashbusted for the fabric, and I could not be happier about the red Moda cowboy fabric. For some reason I love cowboy stuff (okay, so I guess I do have taste… such random taste).

These small steps toward house decor have encouraged me greatly! I might actually have the courage to buy random stuff I like at Goodwill so I can put it around my house. Or, *gasp* clean up my clutter so I can enjoy a nicely-organized home. Let’s hope.

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