Stashbusting Debrief

My experience with Stashbusting in April: I pretty much kept to the agreement, although I bought some Velcro and snaps on the 28th. The discipline of not buying helped me realize that sometimes I buy supplies as a form of escapism – I buy because I like to imagine myself making specific projects, but the actual work of making the projects is sometimes intimidating. (Not to mention the preparation and clean up of crafting).

Shopping from my stash: I’m a pretty lax person, so having a specific rule regarding purchasing was kind of refreshing! Disciplining myself to “shop” from my stash first was a good reminder that I should always shop my stash before heading to the store. I have so much fabric – I don’t know how I’ll ever use it all up! Also, I was able to reduce my stash a lot just by sending out ten super secret stash packages!

How I stashbusted
: I participated in a frugal swap on Craftster, so I channeled my stashbusting toward making stuff for my partner. She hasn’t received my package yet, so I’ll probably have at least one more stashbusting post in May so I can show off what I worked on.