Kickstarter Thanks

Thanks to all my amazing Kickstarter pledgers for the Print CROQ #12 fund! One of the rewards for a certain level of pledge was that I post a thank you post with names of those who helped. I want to say thanks to ALL those who helped, whether financially or otherwise. And these are the special people who get their name in lights!

FREE HUGS in Paris – photo used with permission, by Aimee

I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to be supported by friends. It is really awesome! I want to give you all a big hug!

Leah K.
Amy Cathcart
Dryden Driggers, Designated Dryden
Christine Bailey Claringbold, Eye Pop Art
Li Bruno
Kate McKean
Merritt Massuch
Adrienne Shaffer, Mmm…Fiber!
Sabrina Simon,
Daphne Dacquay,
Tiara the Merch Girl
Fanie, art vs. craft
yasuyuki tamaki
Phoebe Owens
Elizabeth Ann Grushkin
Wendy Bauer Piersall, Woo Jr
Marie Irshad
Breanna Newbill
Lisa Menou,
amy dame
thea starr, Thea Starr
Tracy Davis
Rachel Bartram
Vone Emerson, How to… do something
Christy Petterson, a bardis
Kelsey Smith
Annie Fisher
Alice Lovegrove
Diane Gilleland, CraftyPod
Trish Collins
katherine berkeley
Marja Huhta
Michelle Lichter, Mich L. in LA
lori r
Shannon Weidemann, PartyElf
Lydia Ondrusek
Kathryn Rose
Zette Spaghetti:
Sister Sheri at The Leaking Window
Cheryl of Sew Can Do
Heather Vasquez
Karen Linhart
Marie mrounsavell
Rachel Johnson, swap-bot
Brianna Roberts
Kelly Machande
Rachael Caballero, BelaKoiDesigns
Rosalie Gale, Unanimous Craft
Dayna Mankowski, The Crafty Scientist
Bazaar Bizarre Boston

Note: if you’re on this list and you want me to link to your site, just comment here or email me and I’ll add it.