Make a Candy Pizza

My older boys are getting old enough to enjoy the occasional movie night, which has been a lot of fun this summer. A couple weeks ago, I took my 4 year-0ld to rent videos while my 2 year-old stayed home to make pizza. When we returned, he had also made a candy pizza! He made it with leftover candy from a recent birthday party, so the toppings were, uh, eclectic. He had a ball making it, though. Look at that proud little face.

The candy toppings on this pizza ranged from sour straws to chocolate-covered sunflower seeds to sour Smarties (as opposed to the non-USA chocolate Smarties). The citric acid-heavy candies did not taste great on the pizza, although the 2 year-old didn’t notice. The 4 year-old stopped eating his pizza after two bites, though!

Despite the interesting flavors of this particular pizza, I think the idea has potential. I have some tips for making it work:

  • Make sure all the candies are in the same flavor family: chocolates together, etc.
  • Avoid sour/citric acidic candies
  • Add sprinkles or nuts
  • Using pizza dough for the crust is fine as long as it’s not garlicky (ours wasn’t, but I’m just sayin’)

Candy pizza was definitely a memorable end to pizza and movie night!