Star Wars Crafts

I recently participated in a Star Wars swap on Here’s the big thing I made for my partner: a Chewbacca bandolier bag. I used a leather skirt I got at a thrift store to make the bag, and Altoids tins for the cartridges on the bandolier (I spray painted them after this photo). The rings are just from a jumbo bag of keychain findings from the craft store. I love how it turned out! I also made a smaller version of the bag for the recipient’s 3 year-old son. So cute.

I also crocheted this teeny Chewbacca out of embroidery floss. Check my other site, Dollar Store Crafts, for instructions on how to crochet a Chewbacca zipper pull.

My partner sent me these Princess Leia bun earmuffs.

Some bookends that look like the trash compactor scene (with real Star Wars figurines!)

These Star Wars peg dolls, and a few other goodies.

Additional Star Wars Crafts: