CROQ 12s at large

Leethal got her CROQ 12 today! Woo hoo! I sent about 50 yesterday (and also donations to about 10 libraries & zine libraries), and got the rest of the singles (including the internationals) packaged up today! (this photo by leethal, by the way! thanks, lee!)

CROQ #12 Now on Sale! $5
+ FREE Shipping

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    […] Croq Zines – and holy crap she just finished issue #12! The first in 3 years! I’m so excited because I was planning on writing “I really wish this zine was still in production,” but I don’t have to write that now! […]

  2. Zette Spaghetti Says:

    Yay! I got my package and it’s awesome! Good job Heather!

  3. Three times a letter | Purple Custard Service Station Says:

    […] at CROQ zine, containing prizes from the fundraising effort to get issue #12 off the ground (click here to buy if interested. It’s pretty rad… I would click if I were you!). Remember that? I […]