CROQ Lipbalm Kit

croq lipbalm kit

Yay, almost all of the Kickstarter packages have gone out. I have about six more to go, I’m sorry to say.

When I got approved to post my Kickstarter project, the Kickstarter people suggested that I offer handmade goodies for prizes. I did so, but it turns out I added a metric ton of work to my already-maxed out schedule just to make good on the Kickstarter pledges. I LOVE making and sending packages, but it is time-consuming and I probably shouldn’t have promised quite so much. Sorry for the huge delay, my friends. And if you are one of the six who haven’t received your goodies yet, I am working on your packages.

Lisette from Purple Custard Service Station is one of the lucky recipients of a package, and her package included a Lip Balm Kit! Yay! She wrote about it on her blog here.

All is fairly quiet here in CROQ land, but I have tons of stuff going on elsewhere.

  • Dollar Store Crafts
  • CraftFail
  • Crafterminds (we have a craft blogging Twitter chat every monday at 1pm Pacific Time. Hashtag #crafterminds. Join us!)
  • And contributing blog posts at multiple other sites

If you would like to be a blog contributor here at CROQzine, let me know at heather at and I will set you up to post!

Possible topics: craft blogging, crafty mama, zine stuff, any craft news, reviews, interviews with crafty people.