Dye a Primitive Bunny Doll


Hi, I’m Sallianne Norelli and I am so thrilled to be here with all you indie crafters. I run Clara’s Closet Soft Designs for Home and Life where my mom and I make decorative pillows, soft animals, aprons and other cool things out of high end decorative fabric. We also sell vintage items which are always changing. My blog is at http://clarasclosetsoftdesignsforhomeandlife.blogspot.com/. I invite you to come on over as the whole purpose of my blog is to cheer on other artisans and crafters and give ideas, inspiration and resources to people just like me who have a passion for making things.

If you’re like me, you may have wondered how some soft doll artists get their dolls to look vintage and aged. I finally figured it out! Here’s my video explaining how to dye your soft dolls to look older. And I am offering you my bunny pattern free at my blog, (or email me at [email protected]) so come on over! Happy crafting.

Craft Tutorial: Bunny Prim Dyeing from Heather Mann on Vimeo.

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