Iron Craft Challenge 3 – Warm Up

The third Iron Craft 2012 challenge was during one of the coldest times of the year for most people. February is usually the time those who live up North get sick of the snow and want to get somewhere warm. With that in mind, we were challenged to make something for the theme Warm Up.

4 Ingredient Fudge My submission: Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry Fudge

After success with the original recipe, I expanded on Cookies & Cups’ recipe for two ingredient strawberry fudge and made chocolate-dipped strawberry fudge. Only four ingredients this time! I also learned that a double-boiler works WAY better than a microwave since the chocolate will heat up the frosting enough to make it easy to pour. I didn’t have an official double-boiler, so I set one sauce pan on top of another that was filled with water.
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