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Sep 17

how to redo barstools

How to Redo Barstools at DecorHacks

kmart bag

I had no idea what layaway was (I mean, I have heard about it, but no idea how it works or why you’d want to use it), so I researched it, then wrote this article at Dollar Store Mom. Lots of info about what layaway is, how it works, which stores provide layaway, and more. (image: alex wiebe)

drift wooden frame

Driftwood Frame by Morning Creativity

Mod Podge Tutorials

A ton of Mod Podge Craft Ideas from Mod Podge Rocks!

Mar 22

Paint Chip Setting
Karen over at Sew Many Ways has come up with nine great napkin and place setting ideas. My favorite is pictured above. The best part of that one? The supplies are free! And you can customize the colors to match your party theme! Check out her other napkin and place setting ideas, such as using an empty Capri Sun, a hose clamp or even an eyeglass case! [Tool Time Tuesday…Napkin and Place Setting Ideas]

Mar 19

This week’s challenge was to create something based out of an item we saw in a catalog or online that made us say, “Why should I buy that, I could make it!” They were not encouraging exact copies (though those are welcome too). But they would love to see what drives our creative plans and how our inspirations take you to the path of DIY.

Button Bobby Pins My submission: Button Bobby Pins

Lately I’ve gotten into making cute bobby pins, and I saw some on Etsy that used plain buttons as decorations. I decided to step it up a notch and use some cool vintage buttons of my grandmother’s. The best part? All of these (and more) are available to buy in my Etsy shop!
[See all the fourth Iron Craft 2012 submissions

Did you participate in this Iron Craft 2012 challenge? Please share your craft in the comments!


Mar 16

The third Iron Craft 2012 challenge was during one of the coldest times of the year for most people. February is usually the time those who live up North get sick of the snow and want to get somewhere warm. With that in mind, we were challenged to make something for the theme Warm Up.

4 Ingredient Fudge My submission: Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry Fudge

After success with the original recipe, I expanded on Cookies & Cups’ recipe for two ingredient strawberry fudge and made chocolate-dipped strawberry fudge. Only four ingredients this time! I also learned that a double-boiler works WAY better than a microwave since the chocolate will heat up the frosting enough to make it easy to pour. I didn’t have an official double-boiler, so I set one sauce pan on top of another that was filled with water.
[See all the third Iron Craft 2012 submissions

Did you participate in this Iron Craft 2012 challenge? Please share your craft in the comments!

Mar 14

For the second Iron Craft 2012 challenge, Valentine’s Day was less than a month a way and that meant it was time for a little hearts and flowers. Whether our project had to do with Valentine’s Day at all was up to us.

Valentine's Tree My submission: Valentine’s Day Tree and CookiesI turned a Wilton clearance gingerbread Christmas tree kit into a Valentine’s tree with star flowers (pictured) and a rose on top! I also made some Valentine’s cookies. I had a great time decorating these with my neighbor, who created her own tree and cookies.[See all the second Iron Craft 2012 submissions]


Did you participate in this Iron Craft 2012 challenge? Please share your craft in the comments!

Mar 13

We’re playing catchup on our Iron Craft recaps this week – The first challenge of this year’s Iron Craft was paper. The traditional first anniversary gift is Paper, so that seems an obvious choice for our first challenge of the year.

Paint And Fold Art My submission: Paint and Fold ArtI learned this once from an art therapist – you put paint in random blobs and designs on a piece of paper, then fold it in half (lengthwise, diagonal, however you want). Then you use your hand or a pencil to squish the paint. Unfold, and then you have a piece of modern art! Everyone sees something different in your art, so it’s pretty cool.[See all the first Iron Craft 2012 submissions

Did you participate in the first Iron Craft 2012 challenge? Please share your craft in the comments!

Mar 11

Iron Craft - Are you crafty enough?

Iron Craft 2012 started on Wednesday, January 4th. This year, the rules are a little different. There will be 26 challenge each lasting two weeks; instead of one each week. They hope this gives everyone time to participate and maybe do some bigger projects. Also, posting day will now be on Tuesday and new challenges will be posted on Wednesday. They show the love by spotlighting the results of the challenge from their Flickr group every other Tuesday.

Last year, I was the only participant that completed all 52 projects! So, I hope you can join me in what promises to be a crafty year!

Feb 20

We had a dilemma in our new home. Since I don’t have a china hutch, I needed a place to display my nice pieces. So, a tall Wal-Mart bookcase came in handy. Since we didn’t have room for storing Tupperware or other items that can also become a mess, two short bookcases (one on either side) seemed like a great way to round out that wall and add balance. Then the second dilemma. How do we keep the two smaller sets of shelves organized all the time when my husband’s old way of putting away Tupperware was to throw it in the cabinet and slam the door shut before it fell out?!

Tupperware Cabinet

Custom curtains! I picked up two $2.50 curtain rods from Wal-Mart and attached them to the front of each of the small bookcases. Then I purchased clearance fabric from Jo-Ann’s that matches our curtains, used some Mighty Mendit (a quick and easy to make seams and a rod pocket without a sewing machine), and voila! Now now one has to know what we’re hiding behind those pretty curtains!

Disclaimer: I organized the Tupperware in the photo above. It will never look that good again!

Feb 14

smartphone apps for crafters

Do you wish you could craft even when you’re on your smartphone? Here are a few apps for crafty minds that will keep you near to your crafts even when you’re on the go. I’ve added links for each one so you can get to downloading right away! Not on an iPhone? Check out our 9 awesome craft apps for Android owners!

Top Phone Apps for Crafters:




Craftgawker is a collective resource of inspirational images and projects to inspire your crafting. The app lets you scroll through hundreds of thumbnail images to get inspired, and you can just click on any to read more about it or visit the original posting. If you sign up for a craftgawker account, you can even save your favorites on the app for later looking. This sounds like a great way to kill time while waiting at an appointment, and get inspired at the same time. Your only problem will be picking which projects to make!

Price: FREE

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Dec 22

10 best craft ideas

I can’t believe it’s already time to look back over this year! Check out our most popular posts of 2011:

braided headband

1. 16 Headband Tutorials

Get your pinning fingers ready! I picked 16 amazing DIY headband ideas for you.

2. When is it a good idea to copy someone?

Crafting is all about the inspiration, but is there ever a good time to copy someone’s work?

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