Mar 14

For the second Iron Craft 2012 challenge, Valentine’s Day was less than a month a way and that meant it was time for a little hearts and flowers. Whether our project had to do with Valentine’s Day at all was up to us.

Valentine's Tree My submission: Valentine’s Day Tree and CookiesI turned a Wilton clearance gingerbread Christmas tree kit into a Valentine’s tree with star flowers (pictured) and a rose on top! I also made some Valentine’s cookies. I had a great time decorating these with my neighbor, who created her own tree and cookies.[See all the second Iron Craft 2012 submissions]


Did you participate in this Iron Craft 2012 challenge? Please share your craft in the comments!

Oct 31

Wreath Hanger

Jamielyn at Make and Takes has come up with yet another great project. She has created a simple and easy-to make DIY Wreath Hanger for $3! Now you don’t have an excuse not to create and hang cute wreaths for every occasion. Jamielyn saw one in Pottery barn last year for $80! Crazy huh?! [How to Make a Simple DIY Wreath Hanger]

Project estimate:

  • Wooden Base (circle or square), around $1
  • Finial Topper (found from HD), under $1
  • Large wooden Dowel (I cut mine down to 20 in), $1
  • Wire hanger, on hand
  • Wire cutter, on hand
  • Spray paint, on hand
  • E-6000, on hand

Total cost: $3.00

Mar 19

Kia at GreenChicken31 has done several cute peeps crafts. Check out these pretty rainbow peeps bunnies she used to make a mobile. [see the peeps bunny mobile here]

Kia also used felt Peeps bunnies to make napkin rings, make wall art, and she made a bunny applique quilt for her first quilt ever.

How to make a Peeps wreath at Tried and True

Dec 13

Turning Ebooks into Gifts

This week over at CraftyPod, my good friend Sister Diane is posting an fun series about turning an ebook into a cool gift.  She’s posting one idea for the next five days for turning your ebook into a tangible gift, including such awesome ideas as printing an ebook and binding it, or presenting a CD or thumb drive creatively.

Sister Diane always has fabulous articles and ideas, so I can’t wait to see what she has to share.

Go check out Part 1 now, and look for the rest of this series every day this week!

#Crafterminds Craft Blogging Twitter Chat

Some friends and I have started a craft blogging Twitter chat. Our first session was last week, and it was really amazing. Over 50 craft bloggers got together and shared their best tips for blogging. This week, we’re talking about Photography.

Here are the details:

Date and Time: (TODAY) Monday, December 13th at 1pm PST/4pm EST
Topic: Craft Blog Photography – are you wondering how to take a great picture of your craft project?  Do you want tips and tricks for making your current camera work for you?  Questions about photo editing?  We’ve got the 4-1-1 this coming Monday.
Moderator: @crafterminds
Hashtag: #crafterminds

Craft Blogging Experts – follow us all!
Amy from Mod Podge Rocks, @modpodgerocks
Heather from Dollar Store Crafts, @dollarcraft (moderating as @crafterminds this week)
Beckie from Infarrantly Creative, @infarrantly
Jen from Tatertots and Jello, @jenjentrixie

Special Guest: Amy Locurto (@LivingLocurto) from I Heart Faces and Living Locurto.  Her blog photography rocks, and we know she’ll have some great advice.

If you’ve never participated in a Twitter chat, they are great fun.  Here are some resources to help you get started:
What is a Twitter Tweet Chat?
How to Participate

They go pretty fast, so Tweet Chat is a great website to follow the conversation.  We hope to see you Monday!

Find out more at Crafterminds.

Nov 22

Impersonal gifts – the ones you give to teachers, party hostesses, coworkers, your local mail carrier or UPS driver… you want them to be cheap per piece, easy enough to make in an assembly line style, and impressive enough to get your message across (“Thank You!” or “I appreciate what you do!”). Generally, anything you can assemble from raw ingredients (cooking or otherwise) are going to be your best bets. Something like bath salts, pumpkin bread, homemade candy, or a quick and easy craft.

Here are some ideas:

Those should get you started! Share your good ideas — what are you planning to make this year?

Oct 31

I have made about eight costumes this year for my freelance writing jobs, but of course, my kids wanted to dress up as something else! So, this week, I got a bunch of felt yardage and made food costumes for each of my three boys. I discovered how wonderful felt is for costume-making!


  • It’s cheap and
  • comes in really wide yardage (about $3.69 per yard, and 72″ wide, which is amazing)
  • cuts and sews up easily
  • comes in many bright colors
  • and it doesn’t unravel so you don’t have to finish the edges

It really is a fabulous fabric for costumes! There are cons, but they are not really a drawback for costumes:


  • Will start looking shabby on clothing with prolonged use
  • Better for decorative projects (instead of projects that will see heavy use)

Neither of these things really matter with a costume that will probably be used for one day and no more. (But even if the costume is used again, it will probably hold up well enough for playtime).

The Costumes

My oldest son wanted to be a piece of pizza for Halloween. What a fun and unique idea! I made it like a very large pizza-shaped bib. Instructions are posted at Dollar Store Crafts:

Make a Pizza Costume

My middle son wanted to wear a candy corn costume. How funny that both boys wanted to dress like triangular food! The candy corn costume is basically a smock or simple A-line shift made out of felt. This costume was simple to make, and took about 30 minutes to sew. Instructions posted at Dollar Store Crafts:

Make a Candy Corn Costume

Because the older two boys wanted to be triangular food, I made a triangular food costume for my youngest son, too. His costume is either a watermelon or a strawberry (but I decided it looks more like a strawberry). This costume is kind of like a short-sleeved poncho. Again, instructions at Dollar Store Crafts:

How to Make a Strawberry Costume

If you want to see the other costumes I made this year, look at these links:

Oct 25

wax tart skull

I got these silicone ice cube molds at the dollar store that are shaped like skulls. I thought of several projects you could make with them, and have posted tutorials for a bunch of them over at Dollar Store Crafts. I didn’t realize just how fun a one dollar mold could be! I still have four or five ideas I haven’t had time to make yet.

Recycled Wax Tarts are my most recent project (photo at top of post). Wax tarts are scented wax you can use in a potpourri warmer. I made them from recycled wax off of a cheese – yes, yes you can do that!

Molded Papier-Mache: this technique was new to me, and made for fun teeny tiny Day of the Dead calavera decorations.

Molded Sugar Skulls: a fun twist on traditional sugar skulls, and you can eat them! Serve them with coffee or tea.

Melt & Pour Soap on a Rope: cheap ‘n easy soapmaking project using the dollar store skull mold.

A few other silicone mold crafts:

Mar 13

Here’s an idea for fooling your kiddos on April Fools’ Day: Make Edible Crayons (by Gourmet Mom on-the-Go).  (via) These will make a sweet and funny dessert for a lunch box.

Apr 10




Other Peeps Goodness:


Apr 8

My son has gotten to dye three rounds of eggs this year. Today we had a seven year-old neighbor over to join in the fun. She got her own dozen, as did Lewis.

I got out Crystal Lite cups to do some fancy half-egg dyeing. I love those tiny little plastic cups! I use them for everything from doling out snacks in really small quantities (good for candy), to putting paint in.

Lewis enjoys mixing dye colors together as well as multiple color dips. There are four eggs in that dye bath!

Little brother even got his own little cup of orange dye. He dyed an egg, a piece of banana, his fingers, and eventually peeled an egg and dyed the contents.

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