Dec 30


I made a couple things “for me” during this holiday break. First, I made two stockings for my sons, who have been without personalized stockings since they each were born. I made these red corduroy with cream corduroy cuff jobbies for them to go with the ones I made for my husband and myself years ago. I wisely thought ahead and got a metric ton of both corduroys in case of offspring. I still have enough left for maybe five more kids, so I think we’ll be covered for any future children’s stockings. Or maybe by then I’ll want a different style of stocking!


I thought the cropping on this photo was funny, since my 2 year-old was trying to reach into the frame as I shot the picture.

I used a super-narrow zig zag stitch on the sewing machine to make the “embroidered” names. I wrote the names on the fabric in pencil and then sewed over them. Straight lines look awesome, but the curves gave me a bit of a challenge (see the “S” above). Also, the “W” was a little weird, but oh well!

Since I was just using an idea out of my head to make the stockings, I didn’t have the specifics that a pattern would have provided (although while I was sewing I was imagining what markings I would put on a pattern if I drafted it, and the instructions to accompany the pattern). I think I made the stockings needlessly complicated, when I could have done a super simple lined stocking with no real-working cuff, and it would have taken me about twenty minutes.

I did some fancy-dancy stuff with the cuffs, which turned out fine when all was done. Since the cuff was going to be turned over when displayed, but had to be sewn on inside the stocking, I remembered to put the name-part of the cuff upside down, attached to the lining. But I had a few hilarious mishaps with the placement of the fabric loop at the top of the stocking.  Basically, the fabric loop ended up: 1) underneath the cuff once it was turned over, then 2) on the toe-side of the cuff (not good for hanging! like one of those “what’s wrong with this picture?” 4th grade puzzles), and then 3.) sewed to the lining and looking a little funky, but passable since it took me so much time to correct my first two mistakes.

Anyway, it was fun. I love making things with no pattern. I know it’s weird but I really like it. It’s a sudoku-like challenge for my brain.


Here’s the lining fabric from my Christmas fabric stash. I think it’s pretty cute! Too bad you will never see it!


I also made this quilting-inspired table runner from some of my stash fabrics and some of the cream corduroy. I have almost no holiday decorations, so I wanted to start building my arsenal. I love the way this turned out. LOVE the red topstitching, too!


The reverse side is more of the stash fabrics string-pieced together. I love it!

I had a great time crafting for myself. I almost never make things with myself in mind. I think my New Years’ Craftolution will be to make more things for myself. I am working on black and white granny squares to make into an afghan for myself. I should be done sometime this year! I have about fifty squares, but I need about a hundred or so more! Plus assembling them.

Dec 8

(This week, TRIPPER DUNGAN tells about the shadow puppets he makes from cereal boxes on Hello Craft!)

Have you checked out the Hello Craft podcast yet? Did you know itunes is featuring Hello Craft and that the My First Zine (featuring me!) episode has been listened to over 1500 times? Sweet!

Hello Craft is producing a special episode and they are looking
for folks to call in with their stories.
The theme of the episode is
getting and
giving handmade for the holidays.

Maybe grandma made you something
really weird one year
, maybe you gave someone the most amazing handmade
treasure and they didn’t appreciate it. Maybe you are making all of
your handmade gifts this year and it is changing your view of the
holidays completely. You can the Hello Craft toll free voice line at 1-888-317-3785
and tell your story in 5 minutes or less. Start your call out like
this, “Hello Craft! My name is…” and then tell your story. Calls for
this very special episode are due on 12/18.

Nov 20

I actually liked a few patterns from the early 90s crochet mags I scored at my mom’s last week.

Okay, this plaid crochet tote is cheesy in execution, but I like the crochet plaid concept. Plaid is hot this fall, did you know? I can imagine a plaid Burberry crochet handbag–I would totally rock it. Speaking of crocheted high-fashion ave you heard of the Counterfeit Crochet project? It’s a website that advocates recreating designer bags with crochet. I just clicked over there to link to them for you, and they actually had a crochet Burberry plaid bag pictured… whoo!

And this crochet Native American doll with papoose is cute, and fits in with the current amigurumi trend. This would be a cute Thanksgiving decoration.

I noticed a strong southwestern theme in the 90s crochet magazines… I’ll just sneak a bad one in here:

Eww, this afghan-cum-sweater coat is hideous… I like the navajo afghan pattern, but as a coat, it’s an obvious fail!

And then back to the amigurumi thing. I thought this Cow Over the Moon mobile was a cute idea:

I have a couple more to share, but I’ll save them for my next post.

Nov 19

Jojoebi posted a great blog yesterday that challenges everyone to post a comment on blogs they read, instead of just reading and moving on. Everyone likes a little comment love, don’t they?

This is a timely post because a couple days ago I was also thinking about how I could encourage everyone to post comments on blogs they like, inspired by Rachel from One Pretty Thing and her practice of commenting on blogs prolifically!

So, go read jojoebi’s post and think about your own personal pledge to post a comment at blogs you read!

Nov 19

Last week I scored some early 90s crochet magazines at my mom’s house. I found a few cool patterns, and a few silly ones like this southwestern Aqua net hairspray cozy:

Anyone else remember that time period? I, for one, rocked the Aqua Net a lot like this girl:

That tam is pretty hideous, but I was more interested in the mane. It has a crunch factor of 10.

And then this Snowman Cosby sweater is pretty bad, but at least she paired it with some acid-washed jeans:

Nov 7

I want to hear from you! What is the State of the Craft in 2009?

When did you start participating in the online crafty community?

How have things changed for you in the past years?

Do you sell your crafts?

If so, where? Do you sell anywhere besides Etsy?

How do you think Etsy is doing these days?

Who are the top three most inspirational crafters/designers to you?

What are your three most-frequently visited craft sites/blogs?

What are your three biggest concerns in general for 2009? Will they affect your crafting?

What are your predictions for 2009?

Feel free to leave your answers in the comments or email me at

Oct 25

Little Nummies has a new site!

If you have been enjoying my fun food posts, check Little Nummies (I’m contributing there!).

Don’t forget to subscribe!

Oct 22

If you are a CROQ reader, you might be familiar with a regular page we print near the beginning of the zine that poses a question and then has responses from various people from here or there. YOUR response could be printed there if you just take time to answer!

Next issue’s question is:

How did going to art school (or not going) affect your current crafty life?

So you can post your response here (if you do, leave your name so I can attribute your quote to you), or email it to me at heather AT

Keep it to 2-3 sentences (or two twitter tweets!)

Oct 19

Did anyone else catch the clever use of post-it notes on last week’s episode of “The Office”?

I love the throne they made for Jan! So cool! Don’t forget this trick next time you’re on your office’s party planning committee (anyone else have parties at their workplace as often as they seem to on “The Office”?)

Less impressive, but still with an element of craftiness were the bowls of M&Ms with Jan’s boy & girl’s name picks puff painted on them.

Yay for crafts on TV!

Oct 18

I am a huge fan of finger puppets (I have a collection of over 50 finger puppets), and the folks at Lion Brand have done it again with these adorable Presidential Candidate Finger Puppets.

You will need to register at the site to get these free patterns, but it is well worth it, as the Lion website has TONS of amazing free patterns.

Click here for Obama

Click here for McCain

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