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May 2

Check out this short and sweet review of Croq Zine at Cut Out + Keep’s online magazine, Snippets.

Mar 29

Today I found out that one of our issues of CROQ (#5, if you must know), was reviewed in the 2006 edition of Best Zine Ever! zine – wow! We were reviewed by A.j. Michel of Syndicate Product zine. The funny thing is that BZE is published in Portland (as is CROQ), but the reviewer is from Pennsylvania. I wonder where he picked our zine up?

I am super impressed with the quality of printing and writing in Best Zine Ever! and I recommend it for anyone out there who is looking for recommendations on which zines to check out. To get a copy, send 2 stamps to Best Zine Ever! PO Box 12409, Portland OR 97212

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