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Craft Fair Tips Roundup

It’s time for summer craft fairs, everyone! Here are some tips for planning your craft fair experience: things to think about before you go, tips that will make your booth better and more effective, how to market to people who … Continue reading

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Twitter Etiquette for Your Business: Retweeting and Responding

Last year, I introduced you to using Twitter for your business, and this year Twitter has gained even more popularity. If you’re not tweeting, you are missing out on a valuable opportunity to connect with your customers. (I said “customers” … Continue reading

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6 Ways to Use Other People’s Photos

We’re doing a Lightbox-Along in March, and this month, I’m also providing some photo tips. Previously on CROQ (read in the “LOST” narrator voice!): 9 Photography Tips for Crafters Photography Tips for Bloggers: Part 1: Your Own Photos (photo by … Continue reading

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Twittering for Your Business

Megan posted about Networking on the Sampler Blog a couple days ago, and MinaLucia said in the comments “Now if i could just figure out what to Twitter about!” I thought I¬†would give you a few insights into Twitter and … Continue reading

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How much cash do I need for a craft show?

Q. I’m doing my first craft show this weekend. I’m not sure how much cash I need to bring with me to make change for people. I’m selling sets of magnets for $8, and pillows for $25. A. Remember, most … Continue reading

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