Oct 17

Here is the first thing I have ever crocheted using a pattern (I have done other things, but all “freehand”). It’s a hat using self-striping yarn.

I love the chin strap that buttons on!

I made a second one with the same pattern (but with blue/white self-striping yarn) and the correct crochet hook size. It fits Evander, and I did a lot better of a job on it, too. My skills are improving!

I think these hats are so cute! I am even working on a 3rd one (what else am I going to do with that yarn?)

I am also nearly finished with a water bottle cozy that looks like a bear from the Mr. Funky’s Super Crochet Wonderful book I reviewed in the last issue of CROQ. All I have to do is finish the eyes and I’ll take a photo and post it!

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