Mar 19

Kia at GreenChicken31 has done several cute peeps crafts. Check out these pretty rainbow peeps bunnies she used to make a mobile. [see the peeps bunny mobile here]

Kia also used felt Peeps bunnies to make napkin rings, make wall art, and she made a bunny applique quilt for her first quilt ever.

How to make a Peeps wreath at Tried and True

Mar 29

A few years ago, we dyed eggs with some natural materials we had around the house: onion skins, berries, turmeric, and spinach. We tried two different methods for dyeing:

1. Boiling the natural materials in water, and then soaking the hard-boiled eggs in the liquid


2. Wrapping the eggs in the natural materials with cheesecloth and boiling them.

Boiled berries

Boiled red onion skins

Boiled turmeric (with spinach? I don’t remember what’s up with the green flecks)

All the eggs steeping in the already-boiled dye baths. It’s suggested that you let them steep for an hour or more (overnight in the fridge is probably good).

Wrapping an egg in red onion skins and cheesecloth.

All wrapped up.

Wrapping an egg in spinach leaves.

Wrapped up.

Wrapping an egg with berries in cheesecloth.

Uhhh, this one looks kinda scary all wrapped up.

Eggs in the pan.

Eggs heating up in water.

Eggs after boiling for about 12-15 minutes. We probably should have used a separate pan for each type of egg.

Unwrapping the eggs was suspenseful. I love unpredictable crafting!

The boiled eggs looked kind of tie dyed. The onion skin egg was the boldest: looks like a rusty slate! The other two were pale purplish. The berries definitely permeated the spinach egg!

The soaked eggs were only soaked for an hour or so, and probably would have done better overnight. The “dye” was delicate and probably would have rubbed off with too much handling.

I was kind of disappointed when we first pulled everything out, but once we had them all in a bowl together, they looked pretty!

Natural Egg Dyeing Resources:

Other Egg & Dyeing Resources:

Mar 22

Oh, so cute! Dana from MADE made these adorable Peeps bunny buntings. I love them so much!

Get the tutorial here, at Vanessa Christenson, and check out my Peeps crafts and recipes roundup, too!

Apr 10




Other Peeps Goodness:


Apr 8

My son has gotten to dye three rounds of eggs this year. Today we had a seven year-old neighbor over to join in the fun. She got her own dozen, as did Lewis.

I got out Crystal Lite cups to do some fancy half-egg dyeing. I love those tiny little plastic cups! I use them for everything from doling out snacks in really small quantities (good for candy), to putting paint in.

Lewis enjoys mixing dye colors together as well as multiple color dips. There are four eggs in that dye bath!

Little brother even got his own little cup of orange dye. He dyed an egg, a piece of banana, his fingers, and eventually peeled an egg and dyed the contents.

Apr 3

My son stuck foam stickers on eggs and then colored them. The result wasn’t half bad! Read more about the process at Dollar Store Crafts.

Mar 25


Use thrifted silk ties wrapped around eggs to dye them with beautiful and stunning patterns! Project from Martha.

Project Materials:

  • Raw eggs
  • Silk ties, blouses, or boxers
  • Cheesecloth, old nylon stockings, or old cloth to cover silk-wrapped eggs
  • Yarn, string, or another method for closing the wrap around the eggs
  • 3 Tablespoons of vinegar

Lots of photos, so click for more:
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