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Oct 19

Here’s one of my recent fun food attempts: a chocolatey pretzel autumn tree!

Check out Little Nummies for more fun food!

Oct 15

Yay, our apple spider was featured on Puppy Love Preschool!

Oct 14

This one was as quick as putting stuff on a plate! No special prep required.

Today I just made eggs with a couple pieces of leftover ham for breakfast. When the egg was put on the plate, it reminded me of a bird, so I completed the illusion by using the ham for feet and a wing. The eye is a craisin.

Oct 13

Scary Frankenstein sandwich!

For this sandwich, I made a PB&J, and then spread a very thin layer of green frosting over the top. I cut off the sides and bottom crusts.

  • jelly: hair & monobrow
  • apples cut with melon baller to make them round: eyes, nose
  • honeydew melon ball in half (from frozen fruit mix): ears
  • frozen blueberry, halved (from mix): pupils
  • piece of lunchmeat cut with melon baller: mouth background
  • piece of apple: tooth
  • heirloom cherry tomato, quartered: weird lips
  • remaining crust pieces: bolts in neck

Thoughts: For this guy, I drew a picture of the face before I started (earlier in the day), but I didn’t have specific materials in mind before I started, and it shows! I am still trying to figure out what a good material for making darks is (the hair, the background of the mouth). And, the flavor mix is a bit odd… um, frosting with lunchmeat on it? If my kid was older than 2, that probably wouldn’t fly!

Buttercream frosting: I had it left over from another project, but y’know, it could be very convenient for fun food making to just have small amounts of different colored frosting in the fridge. It seems to keep for a long time.

Style: I like the off-center facial features… sort of reminiscent of a Picasso. If I would have offset the eyes, maybe!

Oct 12

Cut two legs out of a piece of bread, and the bread top and remaining piece becomes an elephant head and trunk! White chocolate chips and raisins for eyes, and halved peanuts for toenails. I tinted some coconut greenish to give the elephant some jungle to charge through. I also added cut up raisins to the trunk for some wrinkles.

My son loved the elephant and immediately asked for another “elephant bread.” For the second piece, I used pumpkin seeds for toenails.

Oct 11

I didn’t have a lot of time, but I wanted to make this salmon salad & crackers lunch fun, so here’s how I presented it. The cheeks and pupils are halved cherry tomatoes. The white part of the eyes are apple slices cut out with a melon baller. The mouth is a green pepper strip (in case you couldn’t peg that one!)

Takes about 20 seconds!

Oct 10

Another quick fun food idea: Hot Cereal Dracula face!

You need:
A bowl of hot cereal (cream of wheat, oatmeal, etc)
raisins (hair, nose, mouth)
craisins (pupils)
banana slice (cut in half whites of eyes)
white chocolate chip (quartered for fangs)

Oct 9
apple spider

apple spider

I actually dreamed all night of making fun food, and in my dream I came up with this idea: the apple spider. This is a quick fun snack if you don’t have a lot of time to make an intricate design.

To make the body: cut across the top of a small apple, about 3/4″ from the top.

To make the legs: cut the remaining part of apple with apple corer, and use the resulting eight pieces for legs.

Eyes and Web: Eyes are craisins and web is yogurt piped through a baggie (make sure your baggie isn’t fluted at the corners like mine and you’ll get a neater line). Highlights on eyes are also yogurt.

To assemble: put the body and three legs on each side. Pipe yogurt web onto plate and place front legs.

Here’s the first version I tried – with eight eyes and some Dracula gummy teeth.

Oct 7

I have been trying to make cute food  since I started reading my friend Kellie’s Little Nummies blog. This lion is influenced by her techniques, which include using grated stuff, and using cut outs of sandwiches, and raisins for facial features.

  • I cut the sandwich roughly in half horizontally (separating the top from the bottom of the bread) and used a small cup to cut out the half-circle for the body.
  • I used the half-circle cutout for the head (turned upside down) and then cut part of the top part of the bread into ears.
  • I used cut up raisins for the facial features, and grated carrot for the mane and tail tuft.

    It’s kind of hard to describe how I cut up the bread, and although I’m sure you can figure it out, I drew a little diagram anyway. :)

Oct 3

Decorate the inside of a clear glass with a jack o’lantern face, and then enjoy this yummy autumn smoothie! Use sweet potatoes or pumpkin puree for a holiday treat and some extra antioxidants and vitamin A & C!

I used a banana to help sweeten and add good texture, greek yogurt for some richness, and brown sugar for yummy fall flavor. Cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice make this smoothie a perfect treat!
10 Minutes to Prepare and Cook


Sweet Potato, baked (or canned), 1 cup (or substitute cooked pumpkin)
Greek Yogurt, Plain, 1/4 cup
Brown Sugar, 2 Tbsp unpacked
Banana, fresh, 1 small
Milk, 1%, 2 cup
Vanilla Extract, .5 tsp
Cinnamon to taste
Ice cubes, 5 or as desired to increase volume

Chocolate chips 1 Tbsp, melted


Melt chocolate chips for 15 second increments in the microwave, stirring between each increment.

Use a paintbrush (food safe) to paint jack o’lantern or halloween (or fall, or your kid’s name, etc.) on inside of chilled glass. Put glass in freezer while you make the smoothie.

Add food coloring if a stronger orange color is desired.

Add all ingredients (except chocolate chips) and blend until frothy.

Serves about FOUR 8-oz glasses.

  • Servings Per Recipe: 4
  • Amount Per Serving
  • Calories: 147.6
  • Total Fat: 1.4 g
  • Total Carbs: 27.6 g
  • Dietary Fiber: 2.3 g
  • Protein: 6.8 g

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