Oct 31

I have made about eight costumes this year for my freelance writing jobs, but of course, my kids wanted to dress up as something else! So, this week, I got a bunch of felt yardage and made food costumes for each of my three boys. I discovered how wonderful felt is for costume-making!


  • It’s cheap and
  • comes in really wide yardage (about $3.69 per yard, and 72″ wide, which is amazing)
  • cuts and sews up easily
  • comes in many bright colors
  • and it doesn’t unravel so you don’t have to finish the edges

It really is a fabulous fabric for costumes! There are cons, but they are not really a drawback for costumes:


  • Will start looking shabby on clothing with prolonged use
  • Better for decorative projects (instead of projects that will see heavy use)

Neither of these things really matter with a costume that will probably be used for one day and no more. (But even if the costume is used again, it will probably hold up well enough for playtime).

The Costumes

My oldest son wanted to be a piece of pizza for Halloween. What a fun and unique idea! I made it like a very large pizza-shaped bib. Instructions are posted at Dollar Store Crafts:

Make a Pizza Costume

My middle son wanted to wear a candy corn costume. How funny that both boys wanted to dress like triangular food! The candy corn costume is basically a smock or simple A-line shift made out of felt. This costume was simple to make, and took about 30 minutes to sew. Instructions posted at Dollar Store Crafts:

Make a Candy Corn Costume

Because the older two boys wanted to be triangular food, I made a triangular food costume for my youngest son, too. His costume is either a watermelon or a strawberry (but I decided it looks more like a strawberry). This costume is kind of like a short-sleeved poncho. Again, instructions at Dollar Store Crafts:

How to Make a Strawberry Costume

If you want to see the other costumes I made this year, look at these links:

Sep 7

Make Edible Sugar Skulls -written instructions at Dollar Store Crafts.

My son and I made these molded sugar skulls yesterday with a silicone ice cube mold that I got at the dollar store. It was very simple, and my 4 year-old had fun molding and unmolding sugar. After we were done, we just baked them for 10 minutes at 200° F, and they hardened.

I think they’d be a lot of fun to take to work and set next to the coffee maker on Halloween/Day of the Dead. But, I don’t go to work, so I’ll just settle for serving them to my sons next time they have a tea party.

Sep 29

Don’t forget to pick up your free project sheet at The Knittn’ Kitten in Portland! These amazing beaded hairpins were contributed by bead artist and photographer Teresa Sullivan. Don’tcha just love the skully pin? I think we all need to organize a crafternoon to make them! Anyone in? I’m game… Thursday’s good for me! Tweet at me on Twitter or send me an email (heather at croqzine com) if you’re in!

Nov 1

My mom and I made the boys cowboy costumes. We made a duster and a fringed vest. I found the hats at the dollar store, and my friend Katherine, who sells vintage jewelry, provided the cow bandanna-tie, the conchos (look at the cute boot-shaped one on the vest!) and the medicine pouch.

Oct 31

Happy halloween! I looooove these argyle pumpkins by georgie, my love. Found via Handmade Parade. I am a fool for argyle.

Also, happy birthday to Sister Diane!

Oct 30

Here’s a pic of my sister and I in our halloween getups from about 1984. Man, my sister always had to have something teal in her outfits. And check out my awesome lavender legwarmers.

My mom made our tutus. Here’s an excerpt from a little zine I wrote called “Costumes 1980-1987”:

Oct 15

Check out this $5 no-sew candy costume at Dollar Store Crafts!

Oct 13

Scary Frankenstein sandwich!

For this sandwich, I made a PB&J, and then spread a very thin layer of green frosting over the top. I cut off the sides and bottom crusts.

  • jelly: hair & monobrow
  • apples cut with melon baller to make them round: eyes, nose
  • honeydew melon ball in half (from frozen fruit mix): ears
  • frozen blueberry, halved (from mix): pupils
  • piece of lunchmeat cut with melon baller: mouth background
  • piece of apple: tooth
  • heirloom cherry tomato, quartered: weird lips
  • remaining crust pieces: bolts in neck

Thoughts: For this guy, I drew a picture of the face before I started (earlier in the day), but I didn’t have specific materials in mind before I started, and it shows! I am still trying to figure out what a good material for making darks is (the hair, the background of the mouth). And, the flavor mix is a bit odd… um, frosting with lunchmeat on it? If my kid was older than 2, that probably wouldn’t fly!

Buttercream frosting: I had it left over from another project, but y’know, it could be very convenient for fun food making to just have small amounts of different colored frosting in the fridge. It seems to keep for a long time.

Style: I like the off-center facial features… sort of reminiscent of a Picasso. If I would have offset the eyes, maybe!

Oct 10

Another quick fun food idea: Hot Cereal Dracula face!

You need:
A bowl of hot cereal (cream of wheat, oatmeal, etc)
raisins (hair, nose, mouth)
craisins (pupils)
banana slice (cut in half whites of eyes)
white chocolate chip (quartered for fangs)

Oct 9
apple spider

apple spider

I actually dreamed all night of making fun food, and in my dream I came up with this idea: the apple spider. This is a quick fun snack if you don’t have a lot of time to make an intricate design.

To make the body: cut across the top of a small apple, about 3/4″ from the top.

To make the legs: cut the remaining part of apple with apple corer, and use the resulting eight pieces for legs.

Eyes and Web: Eyes are craisins and web is yogurt piped through a baggie (make sure your baggie isn’t fluted at the corners like mine and you’ll get a neater line). Highlights on eyes are also yogurt.

To assemble: put the body and three legs on each side. Pipe yogurt web onto plate and place front legs.

Here’s the first version I tried – with eight eyes and some Dracula gummy teeth.

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