Feb 12

croq lipbalm kit

Yay, almost all of the Kickstarter packages have gone out. I have about six more to go, I’m sorry to say.

When I got approved to post my Kickstarter project, the Kickstarter people suggested that I offer handmade goodies for prizes. I did so, but it turns out I added a metric ton of work to my already-maxed out schedule just to make good on the Kickstarter pledges. I LOVE making and sending packages, but it is time-consuming and I probably shouldn’t have promised quite so much. Sorry for the huge delay, my friends. And if you are one of the six who haven’t received your goodies yet, I am working on your packages.

Lisette from Purple Custard Service Station is one of the lucky recipients of a package, and her package included a Lip Balm Kit! Yay! She wrote about it on her blog here.

All is fairly quiet here in CROQ land, but I have tons of stuff going on elsewhere.

  • Dollar Store Crafts
  • CraftFail
  • Crafterminds (we have a craft blogging Twitter chat every monday at 1pm Pacific Time. Hashtag #crafterminds. Join us!)
  • And contributing blog posts at multiple other sites

If you would like to be a blog contributor here at CROQzine, let me know at heather at croqzine.com and I will set you up to post!

Possible topics: craft blogging, crafty mama, zine stuff, any craft news, reviews, interviews with crafty people.

Aug 26

Thanks to all my amazing Kickstarter pledgers for the Print CROQ #12 fund! One of the rewards for a certain level of pledge was that I post a thank you post with names of those who helped. I want to say thanks to ALL those who helped, whether financially or otherwise. And these are the special people who get their name in lights!

FREE HUGS in Paris – photo used with permission, by Aimee

I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to be supported by friends. It is really awesome! I want to give you all a big hug!

Leah K.
Amy Cathcart
Dryden Driggers, Designated Dryden
Christine Bailey Claringbold, Eye Pop Art
Li Bruno
Kate McKean
Merritt Massuch
Adrienne Shaffer, Mmm…Fiber! www.mmmfiber.com
Sabrina Simon, http://www.etsy.com/shop/dimanche
Daphne Dacquay, http://greylashes.blogspot.com
Tiara the Merch Girl
Fanie, art vs. craft
yasuyuki tamaki
Phoebe Owens
Elizabeth Ann Grushkin
Wendy Bauer Piersall, Woo Jr
Marie Irshad
Breanna Newbill
Lisa Menou, http://www.thebunnylog.com
amy dame
thea starr, Thea Starr
Tracy Davis
Rachel Bartram
Vone Emerson, How to… do something
Christy Petterson, a bardis
Kelsey Smith
Annie Fisher
Alice Lovegrove
Diane Gilleland, CraftyPod
Trish Collins
katherine berkeley
Marja Huhta
Michelle Lichter, Mich L. in LA
lori r
Shannon Weidemann, PartyElf
Lydia Ondrusek
popfedgirl, secretnerdbrigade.etsy.com
Kathryn Rose
Zette Spaghetti: purplecustardservicestation.wordpress.com
Sister Sheri at The Leaking Window http://theleakingwindow.blogspot.com/
Cheryl of Sew Can Do http://sewcando.blogspot.com
Heather Vasquez
Karen Linhart
Marie mrounsavell
Rachel Johnson, swap-bot
Brianna Roberts
Kelly Machande
Rachael Caballero, BelaKoiDesigns
Rosalie Gale, Unanimous Craft
Dayna Mankowski, The Crafty Scientist
Bazaar Bizarre Boston

Note: if you’re on this list and you want me to link to your site, just comment here or email me and I’ll add it.

Aug 22

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Aug 21

Thanks for backing CROQ Zine #12! We’re excited that we’ve received full funding! Special thanks to Rachel of Swap-Bot and Rosalie of Unanimous Craft. They both offered to match the last day’s worth of donations that came in, and helped us raise the last little bit of the money we needed. It was so touching to have crafty friends rally around and help raise the last funds. I love you, crafty community!

We anticipate getting the Kickstarter funds in about 2 weeks, getting the zine from the printer in about 3 weeks, so you can expect to see your copy of it (and any other applicable goodies) in about a month (a little more for non-USA friends).

Aug 19

About 12 hours ago, Rosalie Gale of Unanimous Craft announced that she would match any donations to the Print CROQ 12 Fundraiser that were made in the name of Unanimous Craft – what awesome news. I am so touched by this gesture and by the supportiveness and kindness of the craft scene. I have never been disappointed by the generosity of crafty folks!

Then, this morning, Rachel Johnson of Swap-Bot announced that she would match the last $60 in pledges that came in, until the full $2000 was raised.

I can’t explain how amazing it is to be supported by these two women. Thank you both so much, and thanks to those who have taken them up on their generous offers!

We only need $60 in additional pledges in 24 hours. We can do it!

A $5 pledge is like pre-ordering the zine. And then an additional $10 will be donated – how awesome!

Aug 9

Here’s the deal. I need to raise almost $900 in the next 10 days in order to print CROQ issue #12. If I don’t raise the full $2000, I don’t get ANY of the pledges!

How You Can Help:

  • spread the word
    –post a blog, facebook it, tweet about it
    –Here’s a tweet for you to copy and paste: RT @croqzine Get vegan lip balm, help print CROQ. Everyone wins! http://bit.ly/9hFOTG
  • pledge $1 or more
    –$5 gets you a copy of CROQ #12 with free shipping
    –$10 is international shipping + a shout-out here on the blog
    –$25 is vegan lip balm plus all the above
    –$50 is all the back issues of CROQ plus all the above

Check out more info and a video about the project here:

Jul 26

Last week I told you about my Kickstarter.com project: Printing CROQ 12. I have to raise $2000 by August 20. I’m happy to report that so far, we’ve raised 37%! We still need help, though. There’s still $1253 to raise!

Pledge $5, Get an Issue = Just like Pre-Ordering!

I carefully crafted my prize list to tempt potential backers to get out their wallets and help! The best and easiest, I think, is to pledge $5. If you do, you get an issue of CROQ plus a free downloadable PDF Mini CROQ. You don’t even have to pay additional shipping! So basically, if you pledge now, it’s equivalent to pre-ordering the issue.

Pledge $10: Get both the PDF & the issue, plus international shipping if you are outside the USA, plus a mention (and a link) right here on the blog!

Pledge $25: Handmade vegan lip balm! I spent months developing my vegan lip balm formula. Did you know I used to be the #3 seller on Etsy back when I used to sell it? And this isn’t your run-of-the-mill boring flavored vegan lip balm (no peppermint here!). It could be flavored like pumpkin latte, candy corn, or even red velvet cake! Plus, all the above (PDF, Zine, mention on the blog).

Pledge $40: Up your pledge to $40 and I’ll let you vote on what flavor of lip balm I make! Plus, all the above (PDF, Zine, mention on the blog, vegan lip balm).

Pledge $50: Get all 11 back issues of CROQ. Plus, all the above (PDF, Zine, mention on the blog, vegan lip balm, vote for lip balm flavor).

Pledge $75: Get a Bag o’ Craft Fun: a pack of random crafty bits you can use to make your crafty masterpieces. I’ll scour my secret sources to bring you such goodies as beads, buttons, vintage jewelry and parts, ric rack, other notions, and who knows what else! Plus, all the above (PDF, Zine, mention on the blog, vegan lip balm, vote for lip balm flavor, 11 back issues of CROQ).

Pledge $100: Get 2 months of advertising on this site here (125×125 button ad). Plus, all the above (PDF, Zine, mention on the blog, vegan lip balm, vote for lip balm flavor, 11 back issues of CROQ, Bag o’ Craft Fun).

Pledge $200: We’ll donate 50 copies of CROQ 12 to libraries and zine libraries in your name. Plus, all the above (PDF, Zine, mention on the blog, vegan lip balm, vote for lip balm flavor, 11 back issues of CROQ, Bag o’ Craft Fun, 2 months of blog advertising).

Pledge $300 — Zinester’s Delight: Only one lucky pledger can claim this prize: an electric stapling machine. It will help you immensely if you have high-volume stapling to do! Plus, all the above (PDF, Zine, mention on the blog, vegan lip balm, vote for lip balm flavor, 11 back issues of CROQ, Bag o’ Craft Fun, 2 months of blog advertising, Donate 50 Copies to libraries).

And, the biggest, most awesome prize:

Pledge $500: And I will make you a custom crafted item tailored to your tastes and needs! I’ll send you a questionnaire and then personally make you something. Could be a backpack, bike bag, handbag, laptop case, custom altered t-shirt or hoodie, stuffed animal, themed sock moneky, jewelry, or something for your kid, pet, or significant other. Plus, all the above, except the stapling machine (PDF, Zine, mention on the blog, vegan lip balm, vote for lip balm flavor, 11 back issues of CROQ, Bag o’ Craft Fun, 2 months of blog advertising, Donate 50 Copies to libraries).

So what are you waiting for? You can at least pledge $5 and reserve your copy of CROQ 12 (with free shipping!)

Yes, I want to help print CROQ #12 and support indie publishing!

Jul 20

CROQ zine #12 is done – stories, graphics, and layout complete, but we need to raise money to get it professionally printed. Enter Kickstarter.com – a cool social fundraising site that allows people to post creative projects in need of funds and raise the money. I have to collect $2000 in pledges by August 20th. If I reach my budget, my pledgers will be charged. If I don’t reach $2000, nobody owes anything.

You can pledge any amount from $1 and up. If you pledge $5, you get an issue of CROQ zine, so basically, a $5 pledge is like pre-ordering the zine.

For every pledge level, you get an awesome reward PLUS all the rewards from each previous level.

Come check out my project, and if you feel like it, pledge a little something-something. Help me print CROQ!