Sep 16

I used some of the supplies I got from my favorite Portland, OR craft thrift store, Knittn’ Kitten. You have to visit it if you are in Portland! I got some ribbon, wooden beads, and assorted other stuff.

Craft a Day in September, Day 8: The first draft of the “peapod” necklace. Inspired by Jessica at Happy Together’s ribbon-pearl necklace. I didn’t love the spacing of the beads, so I redid it to look like this:

The second draft of the “peapod” necklace. I thought it was cuter with the beads right next to each other — looks like a peapod, right? Sorry for the photos – it’s hard to take pics of a necklace on yourself.

Here’s a slightly better view of the necklace.

Here’s another version. This one’s a bit more preppy with navy grosgrain ribbon & kelly green beads.

The supplies: A beaded applique and some organza ribbon.

The result.

My 3 year-old son was in on the crafting with me too, so we made him this little toothpaste necklace with a kitschy charm and some baker’s twine.

Apr 15

I made this hooded play cape for today’s Make Something Cool Everyday project – cost me a buck! Tutorial at Dollar Store Crafts.

Apr 8

My son has gotten to dye three rounds of eggs this year. Today we had a seven year-old neighbor over to join in the fun. She got her own dozen, as did Lewis.

I got out Crystal Lite cups to do some fancy half-egg dyeing. I love those tiny little plastic cups! I use them for everything from doling out snacks in really small quantities (good for candy), to putting paint in.

Lewis enjoys mixing dye colors together as well as multiple color dips. There are four eggs in that dye bath!

Little brother even got his own little cup of orange dye. He dyed an egg, a piece of banana, his fingers, and eventually peeled an egg and dyed the contents.

Apr 6

If you are a crafter, then you’re probably familiar with those times when the project you’re working on just doesn’t quite measure up. Blogging crafters will admit that when they have a craft fail, it usually doesn’t appear on the pages of their blog because it isn’t exactly something they want to shout from the rooftops about!

A few crafty friends and I were together on Saturday, and we thought it would be fun to have a blog where we could share our craft fails.

So, I started another blog yesterday called Craft Fail. Craft Fail is a community blog dedicated to sharing our not-so-successful crafting attempts. Anyone who has crafted and failed is invited to participate. More info about the site and how to join here.

I consider this part of my Make Something Cool Everyday project!

Apr 3

My son stuck foam stickers on eggs and then colored them. The result wasn’t half bad! Read more about the process at Dollar Store Crafts.

Apr 1

As I was making the graphic for “Make Something Cool Everyday”, my son picked up some of the alphabet pasta that I used and started to string them onto a pipe cleaner. I was so impressed that he started his own crafty project! I threaded a ribbon onto the pipe cleaner and let him use the pipe cleaner as a beading needle for the pasta. I also had some terry ponytail holders out that he strung onto his necklace. Not a bad project for a 2-1/2 year old to come up with on his own!

He loves to “do a little project.”

Apr 1

Dabbled is issuing an April challenge: Make Something Cool Everyday! I decided to participate, but upped the ante for myself. I will make something cool every day in April BUT I will use dollar store stuff to make mine! You don’t want to see the pile of dollar store supplies I have squirreled away in my laundry room right now (Organizers in Oregon: I need you!). So, I’ll use the MSCE challenge to bust into my stash!

I’ll post my project each evening on Dollar Store Crafts, if possible (and continue to bring you the awesome Dollar Store Crafts you’ve come to expect each morning).

If you want to participate, check out the Dabbled page or Dollar Store Crafts!