Jul 26

Last week I told you about my Kickstarter.com project: Printing CROQ 12. I have to raise $2000 by August 20. I’m happy to report that so far, we’ve raised 37%! We still need help, though. There’s still $1253 to raise!

Pledge $5, Get an Issue = Just like Pre-Ordering!

I carefully crafted my prize list to tempt potential backers to get out their wallets and help! The best and easiest, I think, is to pledge $5. If you do, you get an issue of CROQ plus a free downloadable PDF Mini CROQ. You don’t even have to pay additional shipping! So basically, if you pledge now, it’s equivalent to pre-ordering the issue.

Pledge $10: Get both the PDF & the issue, plus international shipping if you are outside the USA, plus a mention (and a link) right here on the blog!

Pledge $25: Handmade vegan lip balm! I spent months developing my vegan lip balm formula. Did you know I used to be the #3 seller on Etsy back when I used to sell it? And this isn’t your run-of-the-mill boring flavored vegan lip balm (no peppermint here!). It could be flavored like pumpkin latte, candy corn, or even red velvet cake! Plus, all the above (PDF, Zine, mention on the blog).

Pledge $40: Up your pledge to $40 and I’ll let you vote on what flavor of lip balm I make! Plus, all the above (PDF, Zine, mention on the blog, vegan lip balm).

Pledge $50: Get all 11 back issues of CROQ. Plus, all the above (PDF, Zine, mention on the blog, vegan lip balm, vote for lip balm flavor).

Pledge $75: Get a Bag o’ Craft Fun: a pack of random crafty bits you can use to make your crafty masterpieces. I’ll scour my secret sources to bring you such goodies as beads, buttons, vintage jewelry and parts, ric rack, other notions, and who knows what else! Plus, all the above (PDF, Zine, mention on the blog, vegan lip balm, vote for lip balm flavor, 11 back issues of CROQ).

Pledge $100: Get 2 months of advertising on this site here (125×125 button ad). Plus, all the above (PDF, Zine, mention on the blog, vegan lip balm, vote for lip balm flavor, 11 back issues of CROQ, Bag o’ Craft Fun).

Pledge $200: We’ll donate 50 copies of CROQ 12 to libraries and zine libraries in your name. Plus, all the above (PDF, Zine, mention on the blog, vegan lip balm, vote for lip balm flavor, 11 back issues of CROQ, Bag o’ Craft Fun, 2 months of blog advertising).

Pledge $300 — Zinester’s Delight: Only one lucky pledger can claim this prize: an electric stapling machine. It will help you immensely if you have high-volume stapling to do! Plus, all the above (PDF, Zine, mention on the blog, vegan lip balm, vote for lip balm flavor, 11 back issues of CROQ, Bag o’ Craft Fun, 2 months of blog advertising, Donate 50 Copies to libraries).

And, the biggest, most awesome prize:

Pledge $500: And I will make you a custom crafted item tailored to your tastes and needs! I’ll send you a questionnaire and then personally make you something. Could be a backpack, bike bag, handbag, laptop case, custom altered t-shirt or hoodie, stuffed animal, themed sock moneky, jewelry, or something for your kid, pet, or significant other. Plus, all the above, except the stapling machine (PDF, Zine, mention on the blog, vegan lip balm, vote for lip balm flavor, 11 back issues of CROQ, Bag o’ Craft Fun, 2 months of blog advertising, Donate 50 Copies to libraries).

So what are you waiting for? You can at least pledge $5 and reserve your copy of CROQ 12 (with free shipping!)

Yes, I want to help print CROQ #12 and support indie publishing!

Nov 15

Photo by Diane Gilleland, CraftyPod

If you have missed your print CROQ zine fix for the past two years (who hasn’t? I know I’ve been promising you another issue…), you should check out Craft Leftovers Monthly! Kristin Roach, the creator of CLM has a special deal for readers of CROQ:

I want to offer you 2 issues for your readers and a coupon code to all your readers for 20% off their entire order when they get the winter issue. 

Here are the details:
Craft Leftovers.com/shop is Grand Opening on Sunday and Monday, November 15th and 16th – everything will be 15% off for those two days and I’m giving away 2 gift certificates 

  • The Winter issue will be available for pre order starting November 15th for $7 (+s&h)

  • Box Sets of Volume 1 will be available November 15th for $59 (+s&h)

About the zine: Craft Leftovers Monthly is all about living life creatively. It’s full of resourceful projects, patterns, and ideas for using what’s on hand. It turned two years old in August and is 100% recycled and 100% handmade!

Jun 2

I took part in a recent Craftster zine swap, and have received so many high-quality zines, many by first-time zinesters. It makes me proud of all of them. I should also tell you if you are even the teeniest bit interested in writing a zine, you totally should!!

Disco Queen Highness “Bad Mommy” – a zine on those “bad mommy” moments you’ve either been on the giving or receiving end of. Contains a lot of favorite recipes and some activities, along with two “instant activities” enclosed.

Lmcbride “Born into Color” (I haven’t read this one yet, so apologies for lack of commentary!)

Also got poppyache’s zine “A Library of Fascinating Facts and carefully researched stuff.” (Apologies again, I plan on enjoying this after I blog about it)

Here’s EdelC’s zine “Edel” I got a few weeks ago. It’s completely beautiful, and full of unique touches like a one-of-a-kind inchie, and pretty tabs sewn into the front & back covers.

Some more of my favorite details about it: She gives you an “Intermission” inside that lets you go take a break, get a drink and make popcorn. Reminds me of the affirmative nature of SARK’s books.

And these cool tabs were sewn into the front & back covers. So neat!

Here’s “My Nonexistent Teenage Rebellion” by Natalie Brown, which is a great zine with four or five fractured fairy tales in it – very creative and well-written!

As far as I know, none of these are available for sale, but let me know if you are interested and I will talk to the authors for you!

Dec 31

Alma Stoller just announced her newest zine project, soulcraft. Alma is an artist who makes beautiful zines full of handmade details. You can just tell from this cover how much time, care, and soul went into the creation of this zine!

Alma describes the zine this way: soulcraft is a mixture of zine, journal and workbook made of recycled and original materials. Take in all the little bits and pieces included in this zine and see the hidden potential. Inside you will find collage items, images, original rubber stamp designs, fabrics and inspiration.

Check her blog entry to see more photos and read more description of this zine. She’s going to list 20 for pre-order on her etsy shop.

I have been the lucky recipient of one of Alma’s zines and I can’t tell you how amazing they are!

Sep 18

Unless Bitch magazine raises $40,000 by October 15, it will cease publication. It’s a non-profit organization that publishes “a feminist response to pop culture,” and depends largely on donations to publish.

Check out this cute video for more info on the cash crunch facing this magazine.

Sep 18

If you are a zinester, sooner or later you will probably want to own a stapler that has a longer stapling range than the standard red Swingline you keep on your desk.

Here are some of your stapling options:

  • I have a standard (not heavy-duty) long-armed stapler, which I use for CROQ. It has a guard on it to ensure it staples in the right place on the booklet, and comfortably staples through about 15 sheets. It’s less than $40 from an office supply place (or $30 at Amazon).
  • I have used a saddle stapler at work, which has heavier duty staples, but you must use it with something that is already folded. In my experience, it’s difficult to fold multiple sheets of paper neatly before they are stapled, so it’s not ideal for zines (but maybe there’s something I don’t know about saddle stapling?). Pricing starts at about $80.
  • I also have a long reach electric stapler which is the size of a sewing machine and operates with a foot pedal. It makes a really loud sound (like a staple gun) when stapling, and is great if you have a big stack that you must staple (and if you have a good workflow set up, where you don’t have to move to reach the stacks and thus remove your foot from the pedal)e. Retail for that is about $600 or you can find them on eBay occasionally (I got mine for $150).
Sep 16

I spent my final minutes at the 2008 PDX Zine Symposium visiting with BT Livermore and the guys of Robopocalypse Comics Collective.  Both tables had amazing collections of comics and other cool stuff, such as hand-silkscreened (in BT’s bedroom) t-shirts and other goodies. I picked up a long-armed stapler tee to represent, since I love mine so much.

My photo doesn’t do it justice, but I loved BT’s Bigtime banner. The letters are cut out of pinstriped suiting – so awesome! He also had some beautifully silkscreened zines, including one that caught my eye – Mustaches.

These guys were really cool and nice. I mean, um, tough and salty! Argh!

Sep 15

It’s been a couple weeks since the PDX Zine Symposium, but I still haven’t told you about Lee Meredith (a very talented craftista, of Leethal, and publisher of the very excellent “Do Stuff!” zine – highly recommended). I met Lee in person last fall when we both participated in the Multnomah County Library Zinesters Talking program.

She tabled at the zine symposium, and just look at how amazing her table looked! She had a lot of great merchandise, all with a recycled/upcycled theme (which I LOVE!), so I took a couple snaps of her amazing wares.

Aug 29

When we left you, we were talking about Tender Loving Empire and how we visited their table at the PDX Zine Symposium.

After TLE, we met a craft collective from British Colombia, Canada called Squid Inc Craft Collective. We picked up two awesome zines, “Arts & Crafts Revolution”, vols. 1 & 2, and met the author, Terri. It was great to meet them! Look for our reviews of these zines soon!

We were excited to meet Ally and Jeremy of Guapo Comics. If you come to visit Portland, visit them early in the morning for some coffee – they open at 6am!

They carry CROQ, too. In fact, they had a couple issues on the table at the symposium! Woo hoo, thank you guys for representing us there!

Aug 28

We were too late to register for a table this year, but we made a trip to the 2008 PDX Zine Symposium (Portland, OR) to check it out and say hi to some friends!

I read some Ghost World that morning, which got me in the mood to mingle with zinesters and comix artists.

The first person I met up with was Rustin from Streetcar Press.  He is an energetic supporter of the zine scene, and if you don’t know him, I suggest you send him a note and introduce yourself.

Next stop was Kate Bingaman-Burt of Obsessive Consumption. She just moved to Portland to be an assistant professor of Graphic Design at Portland State this fall (Yes, Portland eventually gets all the cool people!). If you haven’t checked out her site, blog, artwork, or zines, you really should. She illustrates one item that she has purchased EVERY day! Her zine is beautiful, so I picked one up! She is also the illustrator for the forthcoming Handmade Nation book!

Then we talked to Jared at Tender Loving Empire. Did you know they carry zines? Yes, that’s right, they do. In fact, they carry CROQ. Awesome! So go buy some zines from them!

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